Press Release/ Interview

Press Release

July 31, 2015

ClearPath Journal

Reporter Renee Fink

Diamond in the Rough becomes a Gem!

It is a beautiful day as I drive up the coastline of Maui to meet up with my dear friend Peggy Pino.

As I drive along my mind wanders back a few years to when I first met Peggy at our local Toastmasters.

I had noticed Peggy as being fun and warm hearted. Although she was a little shy on the speaking, she had a great sense of humor, making people feel comfortable and at ease.

I got to know Peggy and saw she had a lot of wonderful potential. She was just unsure of herself. She bravely had joined Toastmasters to grow and become a better communicator.

I noticed how receptive she was when I spoke of some of my studies and experiences. I recognized a kindred spirit. I thought, perhaps Peggy will be the first person I mentor.

I offered to share with her lessons I learned. I thought we could help each other to reach our goals and encourage one another by having a Mastermind Group. We would be the first members and develop it as we went along. Peggy was new to the Mastermind Group concept, and I had read about Mastermind Groups and had a general understanding. I decided to make it a momentous beginning by starting it on a Blue Moon Day so we named our mastermind The Blue Moon Mastermind Group. I even had suggested that we should celebrate our successes on the next blue moon, maybe hold our meeting in Hawaii or something.

We met once a month for a short meeting but in time the various schedules didn’t work out and I had to travel a lot for work. The funny thing is, the Universe aligned and Peggy was offered a scholarship to participate in a Mastermind Group, and she was accepted! This Mastermind group was for six months and was very challenging. If Peggy didn’t keep up with all the assignments she would lose her scholarship. The next mastermind group would not be offered for another 3 years later!

Now it is July 31, 2015, the next blue moon! Peggy and her family are having a vacation here in Maui, Hawaii at their Timeshare condo and I am going to give her interview on the beach!

Wow! It is really beautiful here with swaying palm trees. The pathway to the lobby of the condo is just amazing! There are huge, tall vibrant green tropical plants and smaller plants with their gloriously brilliant bold flowers competing for ones attention and the fragrance wafting through the air is exhilarating!

Oh! There is Peggy! My goodness, look at her! She definitely achieved her goal of having a Crossfit Lean body! And what a great tan!

Peggy: Renee!! Hi! How was the drive up? Gee whiz, I wish you would have let us pick
you up at the airport! But I understand how you love to drive and how you were
looking forward to driving that fancy convertible sports car! Wow!

Renee: Haha! Yep Peggy, you’re right there! I do love to drive! Besides, I know you’ll be
driving me all over this beautiful island, so I thought it’d be fun to have this option

Peggy: Ok! That’ll be great! Did you bring your hiking sticks? We have some wonderful
hiking trails here and where we are going, that sports car won’t be able to drive
through, so we’ll take your sports car to the beaches!

Renee: Sounds great! How about we get started on this interview for the Journal ?

Peggy: Yes, the sooner we get it done, the sooner we can start our adventures!
There’s a nice place over there on the beach.

Renee: (Peggy leads the way to a pretty spot where we could see the waves of the ocean
crash against the rocks and the water that escapes past the rocks rolls gently
onto the golden beach only to pull itself back out to the sea. There’s a nice
wooden table and chairs with the long leaves of a palm tree above. The sky is a
beautiful blue and the sun is smiling down on us.)

Renee: Well Peggy, life has really changed a lot for you. I remember when you used
to work in the grocery business. And how you never knew what your
schedule would be week to week.

Peggy: Oh yes, sure don’t miss that. But I had wonderful friends there, we had a
great crew and the customers were nice too, many became good friends.

Renee: When would you say you started to recognize you were headed toward
the goal of joy and abundance?

Peggy: I would have to say, when I was first introduced to XanGo. It made such a
difference in peoples health and the company is wonderful, always
introducing healthy amazing life changing products and the business side
is great too.

Renee: Yes, I remember. We used to talk about how you knew how much of a
difference it would make to so many people’s lives, if only you could
share and communicate better.

Peggy: Yes, I have met many wonderful people in Xango and heard and saw so many
amazing testimonies.

Renee: I remember when it was getting harder to find the time to meet for our
Mastermind , we stopped for awhile to resume later. And then
you told me of the chance for a scholarship for a Mastermind class!

Peggy: Yes! That was pretty neat timing! It was great to receive the scholarship and I
knew it would be very challenging and I hoped I could keep up.
. For this class, if you didn’t keep up, you would be nicely invited to try the next one,
…that would 3 years from now! I just decided I had to commit to it and finish the
6 month program. So glad I did!

Renee: Was it very challenging?

Peggy: For me, it sure was. Learning things that were very new to me. But the
camaraderie the camaraderie online was wonderful! We studied the Master Key
System by Charles Haalel. And The Greatest Salesman by Og Mandino. All
kinds of interesting assignments we had to do. Sometimes it seemed so much
but it had to be done. And after awhile you looked forward to everything.
Challenges were exciting! And the things we were reading were a joy and
they seemed to really resonate with me. So grateful that Mark and Davene were
so generous to offer these scholarships for anyone who was willing to
put forth the sincere effort.

Renee: Yes, it sounds like Mark and Davene are truly leaving a legacy and teaching people how to live in true joy and abundance!

Peggy: That’s for sure!

Renee: So taking the class made a lasting impact? In what way?

Peggy: The experience taught me so much, oh my, we will just have to sit down and I can
explain so much more. But this is supposed to be a press release ,and a little
bird told me they are usually brief! lol! This is what I can briefly share, everything
we learned we were able to apply in our life and see a real change. It got to be
where anything one set their mind too, as long as it was good and benefited
others, it was possible. Challenges were embraced and life became a nice flow.
It really brought out the best in you and the people you met.

Renee: And how has your life changed since?

Peggy: Oh my! I was able to share my business with so many wonderful people! And
many people became customers and distributors and everyone became
a friend, whether or not they were interested in the business. It’s just beautiful!
So many people’s health have improved dramatically! And many folks were able
to change their lives and have more freedom. True Health and Liberty for
everyone! 🙂
I was able leave my grocery job and Steve was able to take an early retirement!
And oh my has it ever been fun! We are able to visit our kids and our
granddaughter anytime and we’ve been going off on little trips making memories!
This one here in Hawaii is the beginning of big memories! 🙂
And I am able to do my business anywhere, so we are able to visit different
places. Oh! And we just became Premiers! So we have a wonderful
fully paid trip to Thailand coming with a bunch of our Xango friends!

Renee: That’s just wonderful Peggy! So exciting! I have got to share something with
you! Do you realize what today is?

Peggy: (Peggy smiles broadly) Does it have anything to do with something blue?

Renee: Haha! Why yes! Today is going to be a blue moon! Remember?, that’s how we got the name for our Blue Moon Mastermind.
Not as complex as your MKMMA class, but it seems to have been a beginning! 🙂

Peggy: Haha! Well, let me tell you a funny thing! One of the excercises we had to do at the beginning, like week 6. We had to put our
goals in these, colored shapes. There were 4. I wrote family vacations in a condo in Maui in one, with the date on July 30, 2016,
but I had a strong feeling to change it to July 30, 2015. So I did, I didn’t know why, just that it seemed important to have that date
in the box. Later I had dug up our old Blue Moon Mastermind folder and saw your letter about the blue moon.
So when you called and wanted to do the interview on the July 31st, I was amazed, but not too surprised! Seems everything came full circle! lol!

Renee: Lol! Amazing! I was thinking of calling this article, Diamond in the Rough Becomes a Gem. That sound good to you?

Peggy: Sure! That’s fine! But you know what? I have my own personal theme.
You know how I was slow in building my business? Well, once I heard a neat story
about the turtle and the hare applied to success in business, so I figured, oh, it’s
ok, I’m a turtle. But still I wasn’t making progress. And I knew it was me I had to
Well, you know how this program came along, and how I love Hawaii, and you
may not know it, but I love Sea Turtles!! So I kinda like this title …. get ready for
it….. Landlocked Turtle Becomes A Swimmingly Successful Sea Turtle!!! 🙂

Renee: Lol!! Well, Peggy that’s unique to be sure! I like it! But you’re a Gem to me , so
I’ll keep my Title but definitely mention your title too! 🙂

Peggy: Alright! That’s fine by me! Say! If you have time on your days here, I would love
it if we all could fly over to Kaui! I would love to introduce you to my
good friends Mark and Davene! They’ve invited us to go on this great hike over
Now lets go see my family, some of our friends are having a luau on the beach
tonight. We can all see the sunset and welcome in the Blue Moon!!


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    • lol! Thanks Nancy! A helicopter! I was thinking airplane, but yeah, a helicopter would be pretty cool! 🙂 But we’re taking the whole family so plane it is. Well, wait a minute, how many seats do those touring helicopters have?? 😀 Lol! I can’t believe it, you actually have me thinking about this!

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