Week 24 ~ Freedom

A bit of a challenge this past week with a crazy cursor that wanted to do it’s own thing.  Tried a different computer to read blogs and it just wouldn’t do it. Went on vacation with no worries though as I’ve learned to be more of an observer and figured it would all come together when I got back.  Would just have more catching up to do.

One of the things my husband had wanted to do was rent a Harley for us to go riding.  He has a motorcycle now and loves to ride.  I used to love to ride in our younger years, but now that I’m older and a grandma, I really wasn’t much interested anymore, as I thought, what if we were in an accident?

Well, as were were driving along to our destination I asked more questions about this ride he wanted to take us on called m “The Valley of Fire” in Nevada.

I googled it and saw it would be really neat!  Petroglyths and beautiful rock formations and beautiful colors of rock and fine powder to walk on.  Now I love nature!!  I asked, well, let ‘s go by car!  Then we can hike in more.  But no, he said, that wasn’t fun or interesting.  The experience would be so much better on a nice Harley Davidson.  Plus he’d get to ride a Harley Davidson.

Well, shoot,  I really would love to see those petroglyths.  Mind you, I would love to see the Grand Canyon too, but he said I’ve seen it on tv, it just a big hole in the ground.  He really is tired when he gets home from work and his long commute.  But riding the bike rejuvenates him.  Then I thought, say….he’s been riding his bike to places I’d  love to go to, but I work on weekends when he goes.

I asked myself questions and realized, really, the only thing keeping me from really wanting to do this was fear.  And fear is only as real as we let it be.  The odds of getting hit are small compared to lots of things.  And honestly if I didn’t even think about that fear, I’d really probably love this!  Steve is an responsible and experienced bike rider and it would be great fun.

Plus, it’s wonderful he wanted me to go.  Even though I said it’d be fine if he went he said no, he really wanted me to go with him. 🙂  And he said, these areas are great for riding, not alot of cars.

So, I said ok!  Let’s do it!  At the rental place the gentleman mentioned a shorter ride not too far away that was pretty and I think both the guys were figuring, if I didn’t like it, we could come back, but still have experienced a ride.

Off we went, to a place called Red Rock Canyon.  It was pretty neat!  And there I was sitting on the back, taking photos!  Kinda neat, because you could see my reflection on the rear view mirror!  Couldn’t wait ’till the kids saw that! 🙂   Steve asked how I was doing, and I was fine!  So we went on to ” The Valley of Fire”  That was even better!  Way better!  Along these rides there were signs to watch out for crossing tortoises, wild burros, and one sign said to not feed the wild horses and wild burros!  lol!   The colors were even more dramatic and I even got to walk in a bit and saw some wonderful red rock formations and yes some petroglyths!  I was ready to go off to other places, but Steve was getting concerned about the gas tank and not sure how far away the next gas station would be.  So off we went.  But oh so fun!

We also wanted to get back to the rental place before they closed.  We got there around 4:30pm and they closed at 5pm but their shuttle service ended at 4pm.  If we called a taxi it would cost us at least $30.  So since the rental was for a full 24 hours, Steve said,  that’s fine, we’ll ride the bike to our hotel and bring it back in the morning.  I was fine with that, but in the back of my mind I’m thinking ..hmmm, that means more freeway riding.. ok!

So off we went, and it was just fine!  Besides big rigs and tankers , but Steve made sure not for long.  He’s a great motorcyclist!  And then driving down the main road in Las Vegas, my only regret was I had put my camera in my purse which was in the saddlebag, so I didn’t have the camera handy to take more photos.  lol!

Next morning we returned the bike. I followed in the car and took photos of Steve driving past some of the attractions.  Like the Paris balloon! lol!

Steve was proud as punch of me and said I did great!   We rode about 175 miles!  🙂

When we got home and my kids were real happy that we did it and thought it was great that I actually did it!

My goodness, these kids don’t know their mom used to get motorcycle rides with her brothers and their daddy and I used to go riding on his cool black motorcycle!

Well, since we’ve been back I tried to use the other computer to see the blogs, no luck!  But I did get my laptop working today!  Cursor is calm and letting me move it where I need to.  I tell ya, it was crazy though, opening things, making things bigger, smaller and even starting YouTube videos!

All is well now.  I’ll be able to see the rest of the blogs and catch up!

Oh!  Did I mention,  we went shopping for a helmet for this grandma.  Found a full faced one on sale!  Regularly $99 for only $49!  And a neat hoodie with plastic guards on shoulders, back and elbows.

Oh!  And forgot to mention, the Eagle Riders Rental they had these neat red white and blue helmets on display.  Then I remembered, oh hey!  This is the helmet from the old movie, “Easy Rider”

Found an interesting clip!   You represent freedom.  http://youtu.be/8Gu2ouJNmXc

Well, gotta run!

May we all be Easy Riders and plan our paths in this journey of life!


6 thoughts on “Week 24 ~ Freedom

  1. Great movie clip. Interesting how Jack Nicholson speaks in the clip about freedom and how the masses are afraid of anyone who is different — similar to our undertaking of the Hero’s Journey and moving out of our comfort zones.

    Enjoy the freedom that your journey brings you.

    • Thank you Pete. It was interesting. I never saw the movie, but remembered the trailer from when I was a kid. You know, with the man riding free with that helmet on. But gosh, I wish I hadn’t been in such a rush, I had to go somewhere. Because later, I looked at the clip about the end of the story and super sad, had no idea. I thought, oh no! That sure wasn’t the Hero’s journey ending I thought it was going to be like. Don’t even know if the movie had alot of good lessons. But perhaps I was just meant to notice that freedom movie clip. Had I not seen that helmet, I probably wouldn’t have even thought of that movie.

  2. Loved your post, Peggy! Wish I could of experienced the YouTube video, but the link wasn’t live in your blog, so I copied it & pasted it . . . but it said “This link isn’t live for your country” or something to that effect:-(
    I was having trouble with my computer, too, for this week’s post . . . it kept changing things on me, one minute the links I put in would work fine, next time when I doublechecked, they didn’t. Made editing changes and clicked “save draft” but when I went in to “view post” the changes weren’t there!! Oh well, always another challenge, right?

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