Week 22~ Eagles, Silence and Grasshoppers :)

And so it begins….  Our last webinar,  Mark and Davene and Trish, let us know that we are to become more independent.  We are to make more of our own decisions and prepare to take this Hero’s journey on our own.  Mark said we can’t experience our true journey if we continue to play a role.  We have to let go.

They have taught us and are continuing to teach us,  but like good parents they are letting us move forward,  hoping we have learned well and that we become self-directed thinkers.

Like the mighty eagle, they are nudging we eaglets to the edge of the nest.  But not to worry, we have a few more weeks until MKMMA is completed!!  And so, as the stories we may have heard,… the eagle nudges the eaglet out of the nest high up on a juting crevice of a cliff.  The eaglet falls and flaps it’s wings and tries to fly and the parent eagle is always flying nearby, prepared to fly underneath the eaglet and catch it on its back.  So we’ve still got some guidance for a few more weeks.  Whew! 🙂

Here is a neat video of a sermon in regards to that.   A Lesson From the Eagle   http://youtu.be/C1KDSq97mbk

It is a neat sermon, with a good lesson. But except for in sermons or motivational videos,  I couldn’t find anything in nature documentary areas suggesting that, about the parent eagles catching the baby eaglets on their back.   But I did find  a wonderful video, that has a great truth!  Please jump to 39:06 to find this lesson.  http://youtu.be/sSZw6MwTyd4     Oh, heck, I’ll just tell ya!  At 40:11, ” and no one declares independence without taking risks.”  Keep watching and see that we too are to take this leap.  Lean into it!! 🙂

  And last but not least , if we wonder, are we really like eagles?  Please especially view and listen to this wonderful story called,  The Chicken and the Eagle Story ” by Dr Eldon Taylor  http://youtu.be/dHAfVl-t1Hg

Okay!  Enough about eagles! 🙂

This week we also started on the next scroll, Scroll 6.    We were of course to take over something from the previous scroll and write it on the beginning of the next scroll.

I chose Og’s quotes, “I avoid with fury the killers of time. Procrastination I destroy with action, doubt I bury under faith, fear I dismember with confidence.”  I also included ” The duties of today I shall fulfill today.”

During our webinar we learned that we are also to find time in the next 2 weeks to practice silence.  No talking, no texting, no Facebook, no emailing. No electronic connections of communications.  Personally, I really like a quiet house.  And even when I was little it was in my nature to be quiet.   At first I thought, oh man, I’m going to get soo behind.  But,  because it was an assignment, well, I just did it.  So, for me, when I was home,  no facebook or email or texting ( except for a few brief calls and texts that were necessary, car repair, appt reminder), no listening to cds or dvds,  since sunday after the webinar, and I didn’t  get on the computer and facebook until thursday! But I did weaken and watch American Idol one night.  My husband watched tv when home, but otherwise, I stayed busy, quietly getting things done, that I had meant to get done.  I also realized I feel better getting clutter out of the way, that all that electrical communication could be like clutter too.   I did not practice silence at work, as that wouldn’t work out too well. lol!  But when silent at home, well, I must say,  it was liberating!

I did chores quietly and just let whatever thoughts come.  I thought of the old Kung Fu movies with David Carridine.  How quiet he was and how he would go about his life.  I figured I could be quiet and at peace like that.   I became more clear on my DMP and what I really needed to do.  I had to face some truths and know I could better manage my time.  I pondered lessons learned and considered things that I let hold me back, I just asked myself, can I do this definate major purpose?  Do I really want what I stated?  I realized, yes, I really do.  And really, it’s not that difficult.  Just have to take the steps, stay focused not get distracted, stay away from time killers and know that if I stay  on the path and use the lessons learned I would reach my destination.  It doesn’t matter how long.  But if I am in line with the Universe and lessons learned, it would happen faster.

And you know how we are to use tools?  Well remember the story we learned about the Bear and the Kettle?  Remember the bear, smelled the food cooking on the kettle.  He came went to the kettle and hugged it and it burned him! He grew angry and reacted as a bear would and hugged it harder! Again and again, until it was just too much and he died and the hunters came back and found the bear there by the kettle.  We were to learn from this story not to hold hurts or anger towards us, but to let it go.  Because if we hold on tight it would have bad consequences.

Well speaking of holding onto this kettle being a bad thing.  I realized a way to use that tool as a good thing!  Remember in TV series, Kung Fu. The main character was Kwai Chang Caine.  Also know as Grasshopper.  When he was able to remove the pebble from the Master’s hand, it meant he was prepared and it was time to leave.  The time came when he did remove  the pebble.  And before he left the monastary he had to go to a  red hot kettle and raise his sleeves revealing his bare arms and hold them to the side of the kettle with dragons raised on the metal and he held his arms there and thus tattooed his arms.  Here holding the kettle is a great thing!  An Achievement and the beginning of his Hero’s Journey!

Here is the Kung Fu Intro!  http://youtu.be/gEtKj6keoYU   Enjoy and if you’re like me, when you are enjoying your silent time you may just hear the theme song in your quiet moments. 🙂

Well, folks, shucks, it’s after midnight.  Missed the mark.  Sorry this rambled on, lol!  guess reading this blog was a journey!   Well, right now, I guess we are like eaglets!  And at the end of our MKMMA, we will be ready to become Eagles!

But hey!  We will have our kettles, we can let them be burdens like the bear, or we can let our kettle be one to hold briefly with our bare arms, though there would be pain for that moment, we are to release that kettle.  And we are to begin…. OUR Hero’s Journey.

This is Grasshopper signing off!   🙂


7 thoughts on “Week 22~ Eagles, Silence and Grasshoppers :)

  1. Wow… You’ve got a lot of thoughts and insights in this writing!! I love the sermon on the eagle and eaglet… and Dr. Eldon Taylor’s chicken/eagle story.. I haven’t heard of him before… I will check out his work!! Your analogies are powerful….we are about ready to leave the nest…. it is bittersweet! Thank you!!

  2. Peggy, that post was so full of energy! I loved the eaglet analogy. In so many ways I will miss this course. Thanks for sharing your method for silence, it will help me start to incorporate it in my life.

    Great post!

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