Week 21 ~ Different tools!

Well, gee whiz!  What can I say, been fighting a bug, and it got me. Now it is friday and I’ve got to get this blog out.  Thought for sure that bug wasn’t going to get the upper hand,  thought I had a handle on it, but it decided to get worse today.

What to write, what to write.  Finally thinking more clear, but, still what to write.  Ugh..

This week we were to try to figure out how things we normally try to avoid , such as guilt, anger, hurt feelings, fear and feelings of unworthiness., could actually be tools!  Great tools to move us forward!  These tools do cause us to have to step outside our comfort zone.

But the neat thing is when we observe and we notice that daunting feeling approaching , we can use it as a call to attention that a great opportunity is coming!  And it is up to us to use whatever tool it is.  Mark J. said to use these tools as fulcrums , as a tool to get to motion.

A couple of the definitions of fulcrum are , 1) the point or support on which a lever turns. 2) A position, element or agency through, around, or by means of which vital powers are exercised:

Isn’t that something?  That part that says, …by means of which vital powers are exercised! Wow!

It changes one’s whole outlook!    So when something like fear comes along, we think, ” Oh!  here’s my tool!”   Yes, this may seem somewhat pollyanna. ……. Pollyanna- A foolishly or blindly optimistic person.   ….  But that doesn’t seem so bad!

Quite certain when these ‘tools’ come about, it would be best to practice, most definitely, the  step away from the situation that is causing these tools to appear and, observe, give no opinions, and ask ourselves, how can this be used as a tool to move me in a better direction, a good outcome?

We were told about 7 Levels of Thinking; 1) Copy 2) Effective 3) Efficient 4) Improving 5) Cutting 6) Different 7) Impossible.

Unbeknownst to us, we’ve been learning these through MKMMA.  And Mark explained how that has been developing.

I must say, this week I didn’t do as well as I should have.  But glad each day is a new day and looking forward to using this fulcrum of guilt and feeling of unworthiness, to cause me to do better!!

It’s kind of funny, during the webinars, Mark, or Davene or Trish will say something like. How some of us may be struggling with this or that.  And they get a huge smile and say that’s great!!  Because we realize it!  It’s ok!  They tell us why and help us realize why it’s ok.  Next thing you know, we feel like, ok!  Don’t give up, I can do this!

Well, time is running short.  So I would like to share a video of a young man that used these types of tools, to make beautiful and thought provoking poems.  His poems reach into your heart and his words are reaching many people.

His name is Shane Koyczan   The Poem is Remember How We Forgot?  http://youtu.be/h2-KeK8XDDY

I hope you have a chance to watch the video.

Let us remember We Are Nature’s Greatest Miracles!



18 thoughts on “Week 21 ~ Different tools!

  1. I did read this, Peggy, and tried to “reblog” it as it so profoundly impacted me, your writing first of all, always so heartfelt and clear, but the video as well . . . so, since I do not see my comment I’m attempting again to let you know my thankfulness for your excellent and helpful post, and I did post it to fb successfully!

  2. Wow Peggy!! If this is how you write when you are not feeling well… or thinking clearly… I can’t wait to see what you write when you are feeling good!!
    I am sorry you haven’t been well…. SPRING is coming!!! (and I think many are very happy about that!!…I don’t know where you live..but here in the northeast…we are VERY READY for some warmth!!)
    I LOVE the video you shared… I will try to find the words to it to be able to read it…with thought… he is very talented..and full of conviction…she is as well… I have always loved the violin.. it was a beautiful match of words to music..
    And I love that you added the definition to a KEY word that you quoted… as we dissect the words… the meanings get so BIG!!!
    and I’m still contemplating ‘fulcrum’…
    also… you said you didn’t do as well as you should have…. Who is the one who determines how well you ‘should’ do? (I think you did perfectly!)….. (I’m sorry…for giving my opinion when you didn’t ask for it..but I am giving myself permission to share it in my comment…) 🙂

  3. Great post, Peggy! I enjoyed reading it … liked your Best Practice: “step away from the situation that is causing these tools to appear, observe, give no opinions, and ask ourselves, how can this be used as a tool to move me in a better direction, a good outcome?” I need to add “step away” and “give no opinions” to my process.

  4. I loved the post…from the heart not the stuffy head! I was amazed to listen to the video. I could hear everything he said but I processed it after he spoke it because he was talking so fast. Cool.

  5. Hello Peggy! This is my first time checking out your blog and I’m sad that I found you this late in our alliance. I must a say I absolutely love your writing style and your insight on the MKMMA experience. Thank you so much and look forward to reading more in the future!

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