Week 17 HJ Persistence with a Purpose

I really am not sure what to write and the clock is ticking.  Hmmmmm

So I will just wing it!  This week has been quite interesting.  Really liked the webinar this past sunday and the things shared.  Very encouraging!

And the blogs that folks wrote were just wonderful!  One learns so much from things shared!

I especially liked the clip about the movie “Peaceful Warrior” .  Really looking forward to watching that.

One finds interesting blogs shared on twitter.  And the Alliance area is really neat!  What a great group of people, so giving of themselves and sharing their wisdom and funny moments.

I especially got a kick out of one comment, where a father answered his phone and it was his daughter and she asked how he was and he replied, ” I am nature’s greatest miracle!”  Which was greeted by a pause of silence then joyful laughing.  In a good way!  🙂

So many things brought a smile to my face and a sense of camaraderie.  Plus alot of great tips and alot of kindness’ witnessed by how people reply to posts made.

Continuing the daily excercises, especially the writing of the 3 gratitudes and kindness’ and the mini journal helps one see and realize so many blessings in their lives.

My pile of index cards get’s higher and the top new  index card with the question ” what am I pretending not to know?”  really makes me  ponder and  think of something,… I kind of pause and then think,…well….I really do know if I were to do this, this would follow if I were persistent and focused.  Then next thing I knew, the old blue print, didn’t react like it used to. It tried, but quieter, not so much of beating myself up, I just accepted what I realized and knew I could do better and take some action, no matter how small to head in the right direction.

The Franklin Makeover of noticing different virtues has been interesting.  Keeps us in the observe mode and makes us more aware.  And it seems, that when curves are thrown, that kinda throw one out of what they had planned that day to accomplish, for some odd reason, although I did get a little down on myself for not accomplishing all I had planned,  I realized, my word for this week was persistence.  And I observed that things can come up from someone elses persistence but by showing kindness and giving your time and attention, well, that is a good thing too.

There was a  sort of calm and things we have been reading from Og and Haalel came to mind.  Also things Mark J, Davene and Trish had said, came to mind also.

But I also know that I must keep the main thing the main thing.  So I must be persistent on staying true to my DMP and PPN’s.  I must say no sometimes to stay true to my Oats and remember people will treat you the way you let them treat you.  So, truly, I only have myself to blame if I let things interfere with what I need to get done.  And I don’t even think blame is a good word to use. I allowed these things to happen.  So it is water under the bridge now.  Just let it go on by and do better.

This week we are also reading peoples obituaries.  It’s something I used to do anyway, when I used to get the newspaper. So this week I have to buy a paper since I now no longer get it delivered and we are not supposed to view it on the internet. Just part of the exercise to read an actual paper.  But that’s fine by me, and to me , that obit page is one of the most important pages.  It’s amazing to see what people have accomplished in their lives.  Some are beautifully written and some folks have truly left a legacy of love.  And their memories will forever warm peoples hearts and lessons learned from these loved ones will stay with their friends and family and be like guideposts for certain times they encounter.

I’ve been trying to do more combinations so I can save some time and so I made recordings with music in the background for not only my DMP, but also my Blue Print Builder and Press Release.  I had noticed in the Alliance how folks were doing all kinds of neat things and doing so much, alot of great ideas. My phone had been acting up and I recently was given a hand me down one from my brother, upgrade for me though and free is always great!  So I had great fun making those recordings on my phone and listening while driving.  Even changed my original DMP one.  From What a Beautiful World to Chariots of Fire!  And Eye of the Tiger for the Blue Print is awesome and makes me smile.   And Traditional Hawaiian music for the background of my Press Release makes me beam!  😀

The sits have been great! Always love reading the Master Key, but this week, each day was different!  And with what we have learned from our sits and exercises for them, it seems to overflow into daily life.  As I had been listening to my Press Release on the way to work, with the Hawaiian music background.  On getting out of the car to walk from the parking lot, there was a slight chill in the breeze, so I decided to imagine it warmer and look at the blue sky and imagine hearing Hawaiian music, feeling a warm breeze, visualizing swaying Palm trees and beautiful flowers and the sound of waves lapping on the beach.  I had to chuckle and grin as I entered the store.  I could feel my compass necklace. And I couldn’t help but hum the music as I was working.  It really tickled me how all we are learning is starting to touch so many parts of my life.

Well, I better sign off!  Day is almost done!

Wow!  Guess I had more to say than I realized! Lol!

Aloha!!  😀


8 thoughts on “Week 17 HJ Persistence with a Purpose

  1. Peg, your blogposts have a wonderful flow of “heartfulness” whether you wing it or not, I so appreciate your perspective, connecting & linking all throughout not only your blogposts, but, more to the point and obviously so, your daily walk and life!

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