Week 9 Keep your chin up!

I am starting this post  friday night.  I know my post will say tomorrow and I haven’t tried to fix it, because I click here or there and things disappear! :/

Well, this week was a bit of a challenge for me.  Seems time flew, and I didn’t do as well as I should have.  Definately see the importance of getting the reading and all done and the silent sits too.  But a couple of my services I didn’t complete, and having said I keep my promises, and not completing yet, well, I am disappointed in myself, but I still have promised myself to do them, just didn’t get it done by date.  Now I understand how that line in master key said to start out with simple things. lol!

Also, I must always ‘do it now’ that works out best. ” I can be what I will to be” is best also.

Thanksgiving was fun, but we were away all day, and I didn’t keep up like I should have when I got home.  Was just tired and didn’t do my blog or twitter assignment.   We got home late and I was encouraged to take a break.  I did, and I wish I hadn’t.  I mean when I got home that night, I didn’t follow through and stay caught up.  But I was tired and work before Thanksgiving had been super busy and boy, picking up all those frozen turkeys and standing all day is starting to catch up with this ol gal. lol!  Time with family was great since I usually work that day.  But with the food and all, by the time we got home, I was plain tuckered out.

I didn’t sleep that great because I knew I didn’t do my best and my subby was just saying see, you’re starting to fall behind.  But the funny thing was I was also sort of being observant and listening to all this and seeing  choices I had made and decided,… Well, I really need and enjoy doing these assignments.  Just Do Them as soon as possible.  Take advantage of any opportunity and window of time to do these things.  And if there are other things that need to be done, do them, but know , I just have to get all that needs to be done, done, and to keep the main thing the main thing!

Well, going back to lessons learned from my dear parents.  They grew up during the depression and were part of the Great Generation.  I remember how poor everyone was but they accomplished so much with so little.  And remembered all they had gone through during WWII and how everyone ptiched in and worked hard on the home front and fought in the war in the Pacific and European theaters.  Long separations and doing jobs that were new to everyone.

Later growing up, I remember when family and friends were visiting back then, there was always laughter and smiles.  I really admired and loved my parents and uncles and aunts.  I remember terms like “Put your nose to the grindstone.”  And I recall how they did what had to be done, fixed what needed fixing and had great work ethic.  There is a an old saying, ” you come from good stock.”  So even if you didn’t have much as far as money, you came from good stock and that said a lot! 🙂

So I must remember, I come from good stock! I can be what I will to be!  Chin Up and forward bound!

I must say, I really liked visualizing the growing flower and of course each weeks Master Keys is always enlightening, and all of the new updates and regular readings are great.  I do think when we change to scroll 3, it may be wise to read scroll 2 at least once a week.   Oh, my, I better stop rambling on here.

Going to hit the hay and remember the early bird catches the worm!  I will greet the new day with love in my heart and remember a little ditty from long ago,  my mom’s sing song voice, her pulling back the curtains and singing ‘ good morning to you, good morning to you, whatever the weather , we’ll all stick together, good morning to you! Good morning to you! ”  It was probably sung only a couple times, but I remember clear as day, my mom’s laughing eyes and the fun way she woke me up that day, with the sun streaming in the window.

Well, it is saturday now!  I reminisced a bit.  But hey, what great memories were aroused!

I gotta stick to my goal of completing this MKMMA  and become the best I can be.


Week 8 ~ Laws of Liberation!

This week was a time of release and going with the flow.

We learned alot from the Master Key and mental habits.  We had more to learn but it was very interesting and  it is getting to the point of just reading and accepting.  Relaxing, staying focused and completing tasks in a timely manner.

The 7 Day Mental diet is coming along much better and the Laws of Substitution are getting used alot!

The reasons we are doing such various things are making more sense.  And the Press Release and the Recording with our PPN and DMP with music background were really neat.  I especially love the recording. Here it had been so hard to get started, but it is finished and I really like it.  Makes me smile everytime I hear it.  And then we also had read our Press Release/Interview.  Along with everything else we had to read.

The Subby is taking direct hits from all angles and is getting a little more quieter.

We were to use our imagination even more and sit time was interesting building our imagination.

The Law of Growth is shining through

Week 7, You’ve Got to Accentuate the Positive, Eliminate the Negative…

Latch on to the Affirmative, Don’t mess with Mister in between.  🙂

That was a great old song from my parents days.  They had a lot of great songs back then.  A lot of fun wisdom in this song! :)

Well, this has been an interesting week.  The webinar on Sunday was a no go and I was at work when it was re done on monday.  Still have to watch the whole thing.

Did go to the Alliance area to figure how to do the recording and saw the great post of where to find Mark’s example on the webinar recording, so straight to 32 minute spot I went.

I should have went ahead and listened to the whole webinar, for all the time I kept trying to find a song and couldn’t find one that felt right.  And I know that I have heard some great ones in my days, but no tunes or titles of the songs were coming to mind! I even tried to remember movies that had great songs and try as I might to recall, well, they must be buried deep and going to You Tube searching was taking up more time.   I’m hoping when I sleep, subby will work on that and give me some good ones. I’m so looking forward to getting this recording done!

I look forward to doing the readings and the silent sit is fun, but I do find my mind wandering a little and I have to get refocused.

The Seven Day Mental Diet is a bit more challenging then I thought it would be.  Especially because it seems that now I notice the littlest thing that might be considered negative.  And I have to hurry up and come up with something positive, said in a different way that is more positve.  Then I ask,… was that slip up over 7 seconds?  Gosh that’s not long!  Yeah, better start over!

One thing that is making everything positive is reading Scroll 2, I especially like this part.

I will greet this day with love in my heart.  And how will I do this?  Henceforth will I look on all things with love and I will be born again.  I will love the sun for it warms my bones; yet I will love the rain for it cleanses my spirit.  I will love the light for it shows me the way; yet I will love the darkness for it shows me the stars.  I will welcome happiness for it enlarges my heart; yet I will endure sadness for it opens my soul.  I will acknowledge reward for they are my due; yet I will welcome obsacles for they are my challenge.  ~ Og Mandino

So I will look at the gal in the mirror and hit the hay with the song Accentuate the Positive floating in my mind.  🙂    http://youtu.be/fZUmAbi0Vm4

Good night folks, well.. really it’s already morning! lol

This is Peggy signing off! 🙂

Week 6 Yay! Still Here!

Today is November 7, 2013, THURSDAY  9:05PM  I just had to say something because for some reason the posts always have the next date.

So please know that I did finish and turn in my press release in time!

Ok, this week I really loved doing this Colors and Shapes chart.  I put the page on the dashboard and for the first time started really noticing all of the shapes alot more, and of course it continued on everywhere else too.

The writing of the Press Release was alright after all.  I just kept reading our required material and when I started writing, the ideas started to flow.  Thank goodness!!   Before, when I tried it was challenging. I knew I had to get this done no matter what to keep the scholarship and I kept reading our daily things and I just relaxed and figured, something will come to mind.  And bing! yesterday, wednesday, it did!  I did part of it and today was able to finish.

I really loved getting the compass and that idea to live by the compass and not by the clock.

The having no opinion, glad we are still doing that.  Realizing alot of things are opinions.  Much better to not have an opinion and to be an observer.

The silent sits with a photograph have been real neat.  My folks are in heaven and looking at their photographs and noticing every little detail  , brought wonderful memories, and made me think of their age at that time and what they were thinking in this photo or that. It’s nice to close your eyes and still see the photo.  Each day I look at a different photo. These last days were our parents, love them so much.  Each day I’ll pick a different photo.   I am sure curious to know how this is preparing the ground for what is coming.  Exciting!

Ok, have to go and work on that poster now.  And get the rest of the days reading aloud in.  Oh, and the twitter thing and jump on the Alliance and Mastermind!

So glad I am still in this.  Each time I read, there seems to be more understanding revealed.  Pretty cool.