Week 5 Hang on to the Master Keys!!

I love this weeks Master Keys that we are reading!

For week 5, we are supposed to write a Press Release as if it has already happened. I had a late shift and figured I’d write it after work.

Nice and quiet, oh, wait, first take care of twitter, add 5 to follow. ok…. Hmm, start to read twitter comment, someone shared someones Press Release. Let’s see. Oh wow! This is beautiful! Oh she writes well, I can see everything. Beautiful!

Then I remember, you know, I had read the Mark J or Davene’s Press Release awhile back, the one where they were interviewed by Oprah and I remember I really thought it had happened. 🙂 It’s wonderful! And its in the progress of happening, I’m sure!

This will be fun to visualize and write. Ok…wait a minute. You mean, other people are going to read this?? I started to get a bit scared!

Hey! No opinions this week remember! And anything negative, no time for that, put that in the scrap pile! I decided to try next day, thursday, it’s due thursday, but it will be fine. Relax, have fun. So I read my Scroll 1, oh! that’s good, going to miss reading that scroll later. And I read my DMP. But the old blueprint was kinda butting in. Go to sleep!!

So it’s thursday, have alot to do. This morning I started with Scroll 1, read the Blueprint Builder, good stuff, then week 5 Master Key, stopped and reread some of it! Wow! Then reviewed what all we are to do this week. That was a mistake, should have immediately went to the silent sit. Oh! I have to get that Press Release done. Ok!! Silent sit! Oh boy! I like the silent sit. Especially since we get to imagine this week! I have a good imagination!

Well, my silent sit wasn’t so silent. Somewhere I had read to add more people, so I did, and that somehow led to that darn Press Release that is due. Then my old Blue Print and Subby started in. Anyways, then I remembered , oh! Those are opinions, and we are not having any opinions this week! That was good,… but then again the chatter. It was something to see how our subconscious can say things to discourage us! I mean we all know this and we think we ignore it. But, gee whiz! It appears the old Blue Print does not like to be ignored! Ding! The time was up.

I sat there and thought well! Some of that was negative!!! In the negative scrap pile that goes!

Ok, hurry and check Alliances and Mastermind. But this thing is still on my mind and l look if someone else mentions the Press Report. Yes, someone has some good advice!

Thank you Jason Goldshlager!

Here is what Jason had to say:

” This press release reminds me of a high school English assignment. The old blue print is scared to do it and has had me procrastinating. “Do it now!” Has helped and I finally got the ball rolling late last night. It’s one thing to write out your DMP but it’s a whole other ball game looking at your life from the future. Exciting!” -Jason Goldshlager

Then I also noticed on the Dashboard, that the Press Report is not due until Nov. 8th! Whew! That helps! Oh wait! On Thursdays, we have a new pattern, we are now to read 7 Laws of the Mind and our Press Release!

Ok! So time to just… hang on to the Master Keys! Only pay attention to the Blue Print Builder and all positive input! Do I have alot of things to get done besides MKMMA things? yes, and still need to do the MKMMA assignments ? yes! So here is my blog! Check!! Got that done!

For the rest of the things that have to be done. Have no opinon, I know what needs to be done. Do it now! Do it now! Do it now! I can be what I will to be!!!

I shall focus on Master Key 11: But if we have stored away nothing but courageous thought, if we have been optimistic, positive, and have immediately thrown any kind of negative thought on the scrap pile, have refused to have anything to do with it, have refused to associate with it or become identified with it in any way, what then is the result? Our mental material is now of the best kind; we can weave any kind of material we want; we can use any color we wish; we know that the texture is firm, that the material is solid, that it will not fade, and we have no fear, no anxiety concerning the future; there is nothing to cover, there are no patches to hide.

Gosh, I’m sorry this post is rambling a bit.

Hang in there everyone! And great work fellow MKMM’ers! So many of you are achieving so much! I am grateful to learn from you all!




Week 4 Jump All In!

Week 4

I must say, this making all of these shapes and colors and inserting them in my DMP was interesting.   Had to think, ok, what will this colored shape represent, and what sentence fits in that category?  And seeing our index cards with all of these seemed to make me feel like,….ok, on my way!

I know I have so much to learn and I am grateful that we don’t have to do everything mentioned about the blogs on the Digital Connections.

I so want to understand all of this, but just unfamiliar with alot of the subjects, words, terms,  our speakers are so happily talking about.  ( lol! For some reason, my mind said,  more like chirping about!  Guess that must be my subby picking up on that little bird on twitter and the fun talking could be like chirping! )   Ah well!  I do like to hear birds chirping!  🙂  And I would love to be able to chat away happily with full understanding of all this cool stuff!

And this twitter, ..I still need to listen to the recorded webinar about that twitter deck and I see, I’m supposed to be twittering too, right now I am making sure to add the 5 new twitters to follow each day.   And know I need to do more with twitter and learn to use it better.

I would like to get the special blog offer, hopefully some day in the future.  Would really like to sign up for it after the 6 months of personal growth and self improvement from finishing the MKMMA course.

I know, I really need to focus on the main thing and keep the main thing the main thing.  But I hope as I progress on this journey and feel I’ve got better time management of getting everything done in a timely manner, then , I would like to invest in the awesome blog opportunity Heather has spoken of.

And I really want to finish this 6 month MKMMA.  I sure do see the benefits of learning all of this wonderful information being presented though.

(lol! Say! Did I mention I reeeaaally want to finish the 6 month MKMMA?)

Kinda feel like I’m learning a new language.  And when the words start to sound like the teacher’s voice in a Charlie Brown program….” wha wha?,.. wua WUA WUA  wuua! ”  Well, thank goodness it’s recorded so I can rewind and say, ‘”now what was that?”

Gee whiz!  Have I gotten that old, that I might start using words like, “new fangled things” and refer to these wonderful super bright folks as  “young whipper snappers! “?  lol!

But I soo love all these things we are learning with Master Keys and the neat videos and Part 4 of Master Keys is really neat, and each time I read it, there seems to be something I didn’t notice as much as before.  Realizing more about the “I” is enlightening.

Beginning to understand why Mark and Davene and Trish and Heather are all teaching these things.   Thank goodness they are patient, kind and understanding!

Reading the Blue Print Builder is still one of my favorite things to read, right after reading my DMP, just seems to make it more certain.

Well, it’s late, I’m tired and now it’s into friday morning!  I really did want to finish this on thursday!  Soo close! 🙂

Ok!  Gotta make this last hour sacred and finish off my day with the last reading of Scroll 1 and my DMP!

So glad to be on this journey with like minded, kind hearted people!

I must remind myself of the saying…Progress not perfection!

Moving forward!


Week 3 Master Key Week 3

Well, week 3 is here!
  I’m finding that I’m really starting to look forward to the disciplines we are learning.  Making sure to read each scheduled item, is getting to be a good habit.
  Procrastinating on chores is not a problem.  Have to get these things done by a certain time and find I’m doing it!   Funny thing is I’m even looking forward to what I will be doing next! 🙂
  This promising to do things is a very strong motivator too, as I don’t like to make promises I can’t keep.  So, if I promise something, well then, count on it being done.
  There is a whole lot of things to learn and it’s all new to me.  But it seems we’re all looking out for each other and have kindred spirits in this quest of becoming the best we can be, so we can make a positive difference.
   Still have things to finish today.  So now to post this blog and hurry and finish the rest before the day is done!
  Getting better at time management.  Room for improvement, but improving I am!  🙂
    I’ll try to write more next time!

Week 2, It All Begins With the First Step :)


This will really be something to stick with this. It’s a little intimidating learning these new things. Twitter Deck? I looked at it and said, I better ask the kids. But, alas, they don’t twitter. 🙂 Then I remember hearing Davene say she didn’t like twitter deck. Sooo, I hope they will be understanding if I don’t figure it out soon.

I worry what might happen if I hit the wrong button! I know, wrong mindset! But it appears I’m going to have to change that as we have to learn these techy things as part of this course.

My kids don’t live at home anymore, and hubby is not interested in these things, so I just can’t ask anyone…oh! But wait! I can go to that alliance tab and ask, someone might be able to help me. yay! 🙂

Just finished fixing my about blog. I just had like 1 sentence when I tried last week. 🙂

And now I better get this blog done now.

Ok, so I really loved being able to listen to the seminar this sunday! It was great and many a time it made me smile. I worked late that night but after that call, I had a pep in my step, and I arrived at work happy as a lark, thinking, wow! I can see a change a coming! 🙂 So hoping my schedule allows me to continue to work late on sundays, I may just be able to complete these 6 months!! And that would be amazing!!!

I had to re do my DMP, and I’m real happy with how I changed it. I kinda wish I could have added a little more, but I was at the limit of words allowed. Really looking forward to hearing from Trish if it is better.

I really love reading the Blue Print! I finished my chore, which was washing the dogs! yippee! 🙂 And I learned from a video by Jim Kwik that when you read a book, and use your LEFT hand as a pointer under the words, you read way faster and it uses the creative part of the brain! So I’m doing that with the Greatest Salesman, Scroll 1. Yes, yes, it’s not many pages, but now I do it faster! And anything that will improve my brain, I’m all for! lol!

The Master Key is pretty neat too, reading that first thing in the morning so I can do the silent sit right away. It was really hard to not think of anything at all. I had to keep saying ok, quiet mind now. Then I would start to think of like a candle, or a lake, but not sure if that was ok, so then I would go back to, … just be still, quiet, listen to your breath… then I talked to myself and said, wait… am I supposed to be even talking to myself??

Then I remembered this old movie from the 70’s I think, with that young army man, that used to be a hippie and his master sargent was making him stand with his arms out stretched and holding buckets full of water. He wanted to break him, but the young man meditated and held the buckets forever! Oops! Thinking again! And then the alarm went off! But I did have some quiet moments where I just listened to my breath. I really liked hearing the birds tweet though! lol!

Kinda wish I could remember the name of that movie! Might learn something! He knew something about the Subby! 🙂

Namasté, 🙂


Week 1 Master Key Adventure

Okay! First week of Master Key. Lots to do, lots to learn. Just now getting in this blog.
I was away at an awesome convention , so I began a bit late. Already missed the first sunday webinar and know I can’t miss much more. Planning on making them all, schedule permitting.
But very encouraged that even though the 6 months will be demanding, it is doable, especially now that I’ve spoken to my boss and explained that I could lose the scholarship if unable to attend the mandatory class. Hopefully I will be able to go to work later every sunday for the next 6 months so I can participate in the class and keep my scholarship! 🙂 He is going to try his best and and I sure do appreciate that! This is one of the best bosses I’ve had. The holiday season may be a challenge to honor requests, I realize that, so hoping it all works out.
So glad the other webinars will be recorded and can view and learn around schedule.
Blogging is very new to me. And there is so much to do, I think I’ll keep the blogging to a minimum and learn everything as best I can. Stay focused on the main thing. Master Key Master Mind Alliance.
It’s surprising how time consuming everything can be. Gotta stay disciplined, no such thing as putting off until later except if the work schedule interferes. Then immediately have to do whatever needs to be done. Stay flexible but must stay laser focused. Procrastination is not an option.
Looking forward to growing, learning and getting stronger in every way. Looking forward to the inspirational stories of everyone. So glad that Mark, Davene and everyone on staff are so kind and encouraging.
Really need to get more tech savy, I see these kids using their smart phones and using them like a computer, ( ha! It really is computer nowadays, isn’t it?) They do things with the greatest of ease and lickety split in speed too! And it looks fun! They are not intimidated at all! They just do! ( lol! That just made me think of Yoda, what was that he said? ” Don’t try,… do “.
Well, first things first! I must say, I feel really good knowing that all of the lessons forthcoming are skills we can learn.
So looking forward to finishing this goal! Prayers are welcome!! 🙂